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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter 2006/2007 Pics

It's Been A While

I figure that this site will be more of a picture site from now on, although you never know when I might find time to post actual writings in here again.

All the best in 2007!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Past Week...

It's been a while since I've written in this thingy... so here is the new update.

I spent the past week at my parents' house, spending time with them and with Karin & Rob, playing with the puppies, helping my mom with some things, helping my dad with the wood outside, swimming, scrapbooking, etc. It's been a good time, for sure.

On Friday evening, Chelsea, Emily, Julie and Orve came over to our place (and Malcolm came too, from Hali), and we spent the night chatting, having a HUGE BBQ with awesome food, and laughing. It was a good time (see the pics!). It's been a while since I have spent that much time with Chels/Em, and it was definitely good seeing them!

The weekend was one of the most relaxing and awesome weekends I have had this summer. Malcolm and I walked the dogs a couple of times over the weekend... they are such cuties! On Saturday Mal and I went to Harmony and played Tennis for a while. There was a baseball tourney going on, so I got to see some people I hadn't seen in a while too - my Danielle & Damon have grown SO much, it is unbelievable... I miss them when I'm here in Hali, for sure. When we got home, my dad helped us in taking the surfboard and sail down to the lake (what a bumpy ride on the back of the trailer, haha)... and we got about a 20 minute crash course into windsurfing from him. We then tried it, and at the end of it had a pretty good sense of balance on the board. It's much easier to balance on this huge surboard than it is on the normal surfing one that I tried a few weeks ago. We didn't dare to hook the sail onto the board until Sunday as it was getting dark Saturday when we were getting finished with the balance thing. In the evening we watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"... pretty funny movie in some parts: "What do you mean you dont eat meat??? Oh... that's ok... I'll just make lamb"! :-)

On Sunday my parents went to Lunenburg to listen to some music (Flat Fifth), and Karin & Robbie were working away at their house, which is coming along very awesomely. Malcolm and I went for a ~4.8Km run back the dirt road near our house... it was soooooo hot, but it felt so good when we were done (still sore now!). It's good to know I can just put on my running gear and go for a ca. 5K run without taking a break, without having practiced much over the past couple of months. After the run we took a looooong nappie, and then we tried the windsurfing again, this time hooking on the sail. It was pretty hard trying to pull the sail up out of the water, and it was also hard to keep balanced after we held onto it, but I think we both did a fairly good job at it, seeing as how it was pretty much our first time. We got some good pics too, and it actually looks like we're pros or something!

Malcolm left on sunday eve *sad face*, and I spent another night at tupperlake.

On monday morning I woke up to a phone call from Eddy & Kathleen out in CB... what a surprise! They were so cute!! They called to wish me a happy birthday. So yes, it was my birthday on monday the 28th. So now I'm not a teen anymore... I don't feel any different, and I'm sure that I shouldn't. Guess it feels good to be in my twenties now. I had a nice breakfast with my parents and got some gifts from them (Vielen Dank, Mama & Papa!!)... they filled a whole plastic tote thingy with various things such as bath stuff, food, school stuff, etc... pretty cute!! They also gave me some Nivea sprays from Switzerland, and a VCR which we eventually bought that day in Bayer's Lake... GOD they are hard to find these days! So yes, went shopping with my mom on monday and got some things for people for christmas, and some things for myself... lord knows when the next time will be that I go shopping due to school coming up, haha!

My parents, Sylvia, Andrew, Andre's friend Brendt, Martina and her bf Matt went out to Dartmouth in the evening, to the little german restaurant there (The Colby Ale House). We had some awesome food there - spaetzle rocks!!!! Also had some of my mom's home made black foreest cake (YUMM!) which she's been making on pretty much every birthday of mine for the past 20 years or so! It's awesome!!! Thanks mummin! :)

Got some cool presents from people... cute stuffed animal bunnies from both Sylvia and Martina, a cute peridot (that's my birthstone) bear picture holder thingy, a bunch of scrapbooking things from my sister, superstore pics coupn (badly needed!!! lol), and some other cool things. Malcolm - you outdid yourself... thank you *so* much for your gifts sweetie... they are perfect. MUAHS!!!!!!

So I'm 20. That's 1/4 to 80.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nice Weekend in Cape Breton!

Had a good little trip to Cape Breton this weekend! We stopped at the Big Stop on the way there, I had a BLT and Malcolm had a hot beef sandwich thingy. I drove for most of the way in CB while Malcolm had a bit of a nap-time. He's been off the coffee for the last couple of days and I think the withdrawal symptoms are getting to him... haha! Arrived in Reserve in the evening and watched a movie ("Hustle & Flow") with Kathleen. We also talked about a possible trip to Cuba one of these times... Cabanas... free drinks & food... kilometers of walking in the white sand... :-) My sister Karin and her husband Rob are actually there right now for a week on their honeymoon *so jealous*. But I'm sure I'll get to experience Cuba or the Dominican Republic or one of those hot places soon enough myself.

Saturday, Mal and I took a drive down to Mayflower Mall... I found a pretty nice pair of Airwalks for only $28 at Payless Shoesource! We also bought two little Cape Breton flags... how patriotic! Had some lunch at Subway and a yummy vanilla milkshake from the Tastey Treat, and then headed off to Pat & Kelly's... Pat wasn't there, but we spent some time chatting with Kelly and seeing the boys. They're so cute...Kyle and Alex were justa' running around in the livingroom pushing anything they saw in front of them... and Cody got quite a bit bigger since the last time we saw him - adorable little brown eyes though, and he likes to chew on anything he gets his fingers on! Mal and I were going to kidnap him, but I don't think Kell would have liked that too much, hehe.

We went home and had some supper after their place and had a chat with Eddy when he came home from the fiddle lessons! Always great to see him too, of course. In the evening we took a shot down to Todd A's... met him for the first time, along with his girlfriend Deanna... extremely nice people! Talked a bit about teaching, cooking and some other things, haha... then Mow and Todd were off to some games of chess on a fantasy chess board... kind of Lord Of the Ring-like... pretty neat! Don't forget to see the pics! Was fun to watch them play, they were in pretty deep concentration most of the time!

Today (Sunday), Kathleen made us some good brekkie and then we had some good chats and watched some news. Mal and I photocopied some "Malcolm Rodgers Incorporated" info down in the "Situation Room"... hahaha... played with Molly a bit and met Chief up-close too... what a sweet doggie she is... Kathleen always feeds her on one side of the house and Molly on the other side... pretty cute... Chief reminds me a lot of Daisy! We took off in the afternoon sometime, after some yummy BBQ'ed hot dogs! We also tried some "So Good" Soy Vanilla milk... which is better than expected... but (and this comes straight from mama Kathleen)..."The "So Nice" brand is "Not so nice"... but the "So Good" brand is good!!!". Sue and Jon stopped in for a few minutes too, was nice seeing them again as well.

I convinced Malcolm to stop at Clem's Farm on the way home... there was a beautiful sunset and we wanted to see the little goats.

Oh.. and we actually brought Ray home some White pudding... meat stuff... I've never tried it before, I don't think... but apparently you can't even get it on the mainland! Crazyness!

Can't wait to see Josh Ritter this tuesday at Stage 9... should be a great show! Check out to listen to some of his tunes.

Ok... it is off to shower/bed soon... maybe watch some 24 beforehand... although I am pretty disappointed with the beginning of the 4th Season... Kim, Chase, Tony and Michelle are all missing.... gaaaah.... how can they remove four of the best actors/actresses from the 3rd season? I guess I'll just have to be content with Jack's heroic and sometimes mysterious looks and Cloe's witty, yet snobby character/comebacks! HA!

Nighty Night everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Random March/April 2006 Pictures!

I don't have much time to write, as Mal and I are soon getting ready to head down to Cape Breton for the weekend! I thought I'd updare this site though by posting some random pictures throughout the past month or so!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Model Show

These pictures speak for themselves... ;-)


Malcolm taking a nappie in a sea of suns, moons & stars... :-)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Little Mika!!!

Malcolm and I visited Derek & Sue the other day to see little baby Mika for the first time. What a cutie he his! It is so wonderful seeing a little being like that - almost unbelievable how small they are. Mika is going to be one good little (hand) signer. Ha... oh and I think my name is Bethany... err... Beatrice... or maybe... Bernadette....? What the heck is my name?!!!!! HA!

Right before Malcolm had the picture taken with Mika, this took place:
Sue: "Ok Mika it is time to see the visitors (handing Mika over to Malcolm)."
Malcolm: "I dont know Barbara... have I ever held a baby?"
Derek: "I'm not so sure about this Sue... Malcolm's never held a baby... I don't trust him with my son."

Oh, and the last picture is of Sprocket tearing apart his favourite toy - the milk carton!

Sue and I with Mika